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Welcome to the Project-Page of the RPGSystem!

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What is the RPGSystem?

The RPGSystem is a Set of Region Modules for OpenSimulator

What does it do?

This Set of Modules, is a quite complete Roleplay System for OpenSimulator.

It adds:
- Pathfinding
- Non Player Character (NPC) AI
- A Needs System (Health,Mana, Stamina, Energy and a lot more)
- A Quest System
- Factions
- Combat System
- And so on


There are a lot very extensive RPG Systems out in SecondLife but all of them are written in a Script-Language called LSL.
LSL is made by LindenLab for Secondlife, so Users are able to add more functionality to Objects.
It is not so good to write such an extensive System like an RPG-System in LSL.
The Result is LAG, and limited functionality!

OpenSim has the abelity to load Modules directly into the Server. Therefor they run like they would be a part of the Server.

I never found a good and easy Way with LSL/ossl to make NPC's more living. And not get
stuck on every little Stone in the World ;-)

Why not just one Module?

I tried to make this as flexible as possible, so an Admin can choose what Functionality is needed and what not.

For Example:
The Pathfinding can be used completely independed.
If someone just want to use the Pathfinding, he would only need this Module.

How to install them?

Basicly just drop the .dll files into OpenSim's bin directory.
I will add a Documentation on this page, where you will get more Information's.

Please Note

This Project is a Work-In-Progress, and still far away from beeing finished.

To see the current Modules in action, you can hypergrid to:




DarkLand Statistics





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